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In March of 2006 I came to meet a precious little girl named Missy who is a golden lab mixed with pitbull.  When I first saw her I knew she had signs of neglection and abuse.  I was told by a insider that Missy was kicked, things thrown at her.  Missy was very frail and had signs of dehydration, her fur was soaked with cigarette smoke and her eyes were sore which I believe was from the cigarette smoke and she also had several wounds on her face from cat bites and lastly she was infested with fleas.  I was able to get the insider to talk to the owner into giving the puppy to me.  Pitbulls have come illegal in Ontario where Missy was born and pitbill mixes are illegal in some cities of Ontario which included mine.  I contacted the by laws in my city and I was told she would have to be destroyed by the Humane Society, I told him that I cannot let them destroy a puppy, an innocent puppy.  The man from by laws explained to me that I could not keep her and I assured him that was not my plan but what I will do is hide her until I can find a rescue team to take her out of the city, he hoped that she could get rescued.  My journey started with getting Missy back to good health, she was bathed, fed double amounts then her normal feeding to build fat in her, she was given puppy biscuits for extra vitamins and rawhides to cleans her teeth and save my furniture.  Missy could not go outside because if she was seen I would be forced to hand her to the humane society so we put her in diapers so she could run freely around the house and socialize with the other dogs we have.  After a long serch on the internet I was getting no hope because all the rescue teams had no room so I called the humane society and asked them if they new of any pitbull rescue teams and they gave me the number of one called "Advocates For The Under Dog" I called this number and left a message and I prayed for hope for my Missy May.  Around seven in the evening I was called by the founder and she told me that they will rescue Missy May for me.  In no words do I have to explain my greatfullness for this rescue team, it's because of them that Missy May can have a future.

Missy's name was changed to Missy May because I had a dog whom I was very close to and she passed away and her name was Missy so it was hard to say that name so I added May to her name and that became easier for me.  Missy May is an incredible loving, happy dog despite what she went through.  My dog Moses was not so excited about someone new in mommy's life but he did warm up to her and play with her and teach her things.  When I had wisdom teeth surgery Missy May stayed by my side the entire day and night and that really bonded me to her.  When Tammy from the rescue team picked her up I had a hard time letting her go, I wanted to keep my sweet girl but because of such a rediculous law she had to go.  I was so greatful to have her come and get her but it was also so painful to say goodbye.  I still shed tears from time to time thinking of all the love she gave me and I know who ever adopts her will be blessed. 

The rescue team that picked her up will be sending me updates and photos on Missy May and I will post them here.  If you can please donate to this wonderful rescue team, they are incredible their link is below.

"Thank-you Missy May for your love and loyalty, you will be in my heart forever"

Update: April 29th 2006

Missy May was adopted!